Fresh Look: Orange – We love it!

While color is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in interior design, adding color can be a complex task with an endless array of possibilities. At Schumacher, we want to make the process a little easier by spotlighting various color trends. After all of the attention it has received this year from The Pantone Color Institute and fashion runways alike, we think there is no better way to kick off our series than by highlighting the “it” color of the moment, orange.

Long associated with wealth and status, orange has held a prominent place in the history of color. In England, during the Elizabethan Era, only the royal elite were permitted to wear this luxurious hue. While in ancient Buddhism orange represented the strength, dignity and wisdom of the Buddha.

Today, orange’s exuberant energy pops in both traditional and modern spaces. Whether it is used to accent a neutral interior or fill a room as a bold statement, orange captivates as the focal point of any space.

“I love the color orange because of the optimistic energy and vibrancy it brings to a room,” says Schumacher Creative Director Susan North, “orange is the happiest color in the spectrum.”

Traditionally, orange has been paired with shades of brown, but a recent trend has emerged contrasting orange with charcoal grey creating a sophisticated, modern feel. Orange mixed with crisp whites brighten a room, while orange with complementary teal and blue or analogous hues of raspberry and pink makes an incredible statement in an often unexpected way.

So go on! Give your room, and for that matter yourself or your client, a pick-me-up and add a little orange flair to your living space.

Inspiring Schumacher oranges:

Kasari Ikat in Terra Cotta, 5005994
This graphic wallcovering features a lively chevron pattern with a warp-printed appearance. The bold terra cotta color against a wall creates an exotic yet sophisticated feel.

Gweneth Linen in Valencia, 64494
Our Hayward Chair, SH185, in upholstered with Gweneth Linen, a classic upholstery weight Belgian linen. Valencia, a bright hue of orange makes the perfect statement.

Trina Turk Indoor | Outdoor Collection
From modern and sophisticated patterns to subtle texture and fashion-derived color palettes, the orange hued fabrics in Trina Turk’s latest collection are perfect for a range of interior and exterior spaces. Featured: Carmel Coastline Print in Tangerine, 174695; Kalaheo Print in Hibiscus, 174662; and Beauty Bark Print in Cerise, 174714.

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Imperial Trellis II in Ivory / Mandarin, 174410 and
Chiang Mai Dragon in Aquamarine, 173270, installation featured above by Hudson Interior Designs.

  1. Patrick Hanna says:

    I agree with Claire. Good design is timeless, like art, there is no fashion in good interior design.

  2. Naina Shah says:

    The orange is very beautiful, It creates energy, excitement and joy within you. My personality is orange means colorful, passionate and emotional.

  3. Claire Hill says:

    I have to disagree with both of you. This approach is for the young at heart, not the young by years. My clients in their mid sixties are loving this look… fresh and modern yet anchored in tradition. Good design is timeless and after all isn’t that the ultimate goal of a great designer, to take elements that may have been around a while and make them feel new again?

  4. Carol Woolf says:

    Although those colors and similar patterns have been seen before, they provide that “retro” look that many people grew up with and is fresh and exciting to the younger set. Can’t say that I have always embraced the color or style but I can’t dismiss the advertising money and big push to make it popular. I am always trying to stay on top of color trends since my principle customer is looking for images to “match” something rather than buying art for a perceived value at a later date.

  5. Richard Gerdes says:

    I love orange too! But taking inspiration from 1972 and not updating for 2012 is not a good thing. These patterns look a little tired and I’ve seen them for years.

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